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Today I just want to stay in bed, listen to music and stare at the wall. I don’t believe I’m capable of doing anything else. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. All I know is that I am nothing but a shattered being and that for once in my life I don’t have the right words inside of me to pick myself up.

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I love the band Antillectual so much. 

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A message to you

I’ve been reading through messages my followers (/you) have sent me in the past few years, pausing every now and then to simply smile. Many of you have sent me kind words, have supported me and tried to cheer me up, making me wonder what I’ve done to ever deserve your kindness.

Even now I still believe that I don’t deserve them, that you shouldn’t waste your time on this twenty-two year old person who is addicted to changing her hair colour and considers written words as the only way for her to be more than just a ghost fading away. Each time I get another message full of sweetness, I just want to ask you to keep these words, to write them on a piece of paper and stick them on a mirror for you to read each time you walk past it.

"You are beautiful." "You are strong." "It’s not the end yet, you can do it." "I’m proud of how far you’ve come." "I believe in you."

I believe in you.

If you are able to bring yourself to offer me so much affection, I believe that one day you will manage to look at your reflection and whisper these words to yourself.

I believe in you.

I believe that you should be proud of each step you’ve managed so far. (I’m trying to learn how to feel like that, as well, so) I know it isn’t easy to “simply” feel that way, but one day I hope that you will manage that.

I believe in you. (Remember that ♡.)

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